Basketball Drills to Improve Lay Ups

Published: 03rd March 2010
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The lay-up is one of the fundamental basketball shots that many players take for granted when practicing basketball. The lay-up doesn't draw the exact same response from a crowd as a slam dunk or a fade-away jumper from the three point line but the points on the score board count just as much. Since the lay-up isn't the glamor shot, many players often come to be lazy in the course of practice and overlook it. Here are some basketball tips to enhance your workout and score a lot more points.

To start off, take the lay-up seriously.
In an actual game, you are not going to enjoy a lot of opportunities to amble up to the hoop and make an easy lay-up. Lay-ups are typically shot in the course of a fast break when an opponent is stuck to your hip harassing you all the way towards the hoop. If you ever run through lay-ups like you're the only person on the court you'll miss a lot of shots or have the ball stolen from you. You may wind up jumping off the wrong foot or shoot the ball too hard since your timing was poor. Just because the lay-up seems uncomplicated while in working out when you are by yourself doesn't mean you should ignore it. It's a very different situation while in a game. Practice lay-ups the way you would use them in a game. Use the correct technique and do it at game speed, even in the course of warm-ups.

Practice basketball drills with both hands when shooting lay-ups.
You need to be able to shoot lay-ups equally well with your right or left hand. If you are driving to the basket on the right side of the floor and shoot with our left hand, you're probably going to have your shot blocked. If you're driving toward the right side of the basket, shoot with your right hand and if you are driving on the left side of the hoop, shoot with your left hand. This will maintain your body between the ball and the defender and you'll be likely to draw a foul if your opponent tries to block your shot.

Be selective.
Don't attempt to shoot the very same kind of lay-up each time you use it. Use various types of lay-ups and you'll be harder to defend against. For example, if a defender is becoming exceedingly aggressive with just about every shot you take, whenever you get to the basket, us a head fake and shoot a power lay-up. That's where you go off two feet and seek to either draw a foul or shoot over your defender if you time it just right. If you're being pressured to shoot, you might need to shoot using the opposite hand to throw off the defender. The main point here is that you just have a selection of lay-ups that you feel confident shooting in order that during games you can use every advantage you possibly can. Just bear in mind, practice like you play.

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